Frequently Asked Questions

How many emergencies does Fire District 4 respond to per year?

In 2017, Mandeville Fire / EMS responded to approximately 6,200 emergency calls.

When reporting an emergency, what should I tell the dispatcher?
It is important to stay calm when reporting an emergency. You should give the dispatcher the location of the emergency, as well as the nature of it and any relevant details. The dispatcher is trained to ask you for the proper information.
How many smoke detectors should I have in my home?
We recommend that you have one smoke detector in every bedroom, as well as one in any major hallway or room that connects to bedrooms.
Is it required by law for me to have smoke detectors in my home/place of business?
Every building must have at least one smoke detector in it at the time of purchase. However, we recommend that you maintain an adequate number of smoke detectors in your home to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.
How can I schedule a fire safety inspection of my home or business?
Contact the District 4 Fire Prevention Bureau at
What is the best type of fire extinguisher for my home?
We recommend any 5-pound ABC type fire extinguisher.
When I call 911 for a medical emergency why does the fire department show up to my house?
If you live in our fire district we provide the first response and advanced life support response (ambulance) within the boundaries of our district.
Why does a fire engine always respond to all medical emergencies?
We do not send a fire engine to respond to every medical emergency. The decision to send additional units with an ambulance is based upon the type of medical emergency and information from the dispatch center. We know the members of our community demand the best care possible so we respond to each medical emergency with enough trained personnel to provide the appropriate level of care necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.
How do I become an employee at Fire District 4?

Please view our Employment Opportunities page for information.